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Emergency Services

When emergencies happen, your first priority is taking control to restore your home, life and peace of mind to normal again. In those unfortunate situations, you can trust LandArc’s 24/7 Emergency Services with every action item and detail. Emergencies are never expected but you can expect LandArc Contracting Services to provide you exceptional service for any emergency including:

  • Earthquake damage – Inspect, repair and restore earthquake-damaged property, including foundations and structural integrity
  • Fire damage – Mitigate and restore fire-damaged property, including smoke damage
  • Hail damage – Repair roofing, siding, windows and more when the skies open up
  • Water damage – Restore and mitigate in the wake of flooding and severe storms. The restoration experts have the know-how to deal with mold, mildew and structural damage caused by water
  • Wind damage – Stabilize and repair homes in the wake of tornadoes and hurricanes and other wind emergencies