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Community Management

What is the LandArc Difference? 

With LandArc's 30 plus years of experience we have learned the ins and outs of taking care of our communities. So ask yourself these three simple questions about your current management company...

  1. Include maintenance in their management fee?
    -LandArc's management fee can include a number of maintenance services at no extra charge. You can also pre-purchase Routine Preventive Maintenance (RPM) services at a 40% discount.
  2. Give you real-time,, online access to maintenance and financial information?
    -In this economy you can't afford to wait to see financial reports weeks after the fact. Watch costs, see invoices and monitor maintenance as it's being performed.
  3. Answer the phone?
    -We only use an automated answering system after hours. Between 9am and 5pm you'll hear a cheerful, live voice answering your call!

LandArc has gone above and beyond to make sure to offer only the highest quality management services possible. We have continued to use a personable approach so we have the opportunity to get to know our communities. We have learned what works and what doesn’t, these distinct differences form the pillars of the LandArc Difference.

Associations Made Easy 

•    Better quality control with multiple management personnel regularly touring your site.
•    Easy-to-read reference grids take the mystery out of association policies and individual homeowner responsibilities.
•    Extensive experience managing large communities with amenities and recreational facilities.
•    We specialize in active lifestyle communities and can fully staff for positions such as lifestyle director and concierge.
•    Routine Preventive Maintenance program ensures that your site looks its best and saves you money by grouping maintenance requests to be handled during regularly-scheduled visits.
•    Extended office hours plus after-hours emergency response and dispatch.

Web-based Tools 

•    Real-time, online access to management information about your property.
•    Owners can view account information and the real-time status of maintenance requests, download Association documents and communicate with other association members.
•    Vendor proposals and comparisons are viewed and approved by the board online.

Superior Reporting with Accurate Metrics 

•    Monthly budget variance analysis.
•    Management Dashboard (pictured to the right) gives an easy-to-read overview of the state of your property.
•    Regular reporting of key data and metrics to give an accurate picture of the community instead of relying on anecdotal evidence.
•    Measurements of turnaround and resolution times.
•    Site inspection checklists completed weekly and sent to board.
•    Vendor scorecards ensure high standards for subcontractors.
•    Tracking of customer "touch points" (our interaction with your association members). 
•    Customer surveys and other "customer-facing" feedback keep you knowledgeable on the satisfaction level of your association members.

Area Specialists: The Right Way to Manage Reliance on an Area Specialist team rather than a single community manager. 

•    Your LandArc team is made up of specialists in the following areas: Administration (the Team Leader). Accounting. Vendor Management and Site Maintenance.
•    The Team Leader acts in the role of Community Manager and meets with the team regularly to track community issues and resolutions.
•    Issues are handled directly by people who are experts in those areas.
•    Area Specialists develop relationships with individual board members based on their specialties (Treasurer with Accounting. President with Administration, etc.), helping the board to fulfill functions without the entire burden falling to one member.

Single Community Manager (Traditional Approach) - The typical management model is a single community manager who is expected to keep track of all of your community information. 

Area Specialist Team (LandArc Approach) - The Area Specialist team greatly reduces the risk of manager burnout, protecting against loss of productivity and community knowledge.